Women Compression Socks 20-30 mm Hg

$ 9.95

Compression socks are great for people who are at risk of circulatory problems,  athletes, pregnant women or people who stand all day. Benefits of wearing compression sock are;

  • Constant pressure from the stocking on your legs help your blood vessels work better, helping blood flow more freely, preventing blood clots. 
  • Reduces swelling, to help ease the tired and achy feeling in the feet and legs from standing for long period of time. 
  • Helps keep blood moving to avoid blood clots because of the constant pressure.
  • Helps relieve minor spider and varicose veins, conditions post surgery and recovery in ankle calf and feet

Compression sock details;

  • 20-30 mmHg medium strength; Therapeutic graduated compression; Pattern knit with soft combed cotton
  • Higher mm Hg levels have more pressure and feel tighter
  • Use for daily wear to help tired swollen aching legs, promote healthy blood flow and circulation

Compression sock use;

  • The common starting point for first time wear: travel, long periods sitting or standing, post workout

Women Sizing Chart below;

  • S/MShoe size- 7-10.5, Calf Size-  9"-15"
  • L/XL Shoe Size- 9.5- 13.5, Calf Size- 14"-19"       

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