Our Backstory

Care4MyHealth (formally Care4MyFeet) started as a simple idea to provide foot pain relief to workers who spend a lot of time on their feet. We started out selling therapeutic insoles at small street fairs and farmers markets and over time, as demand grew exponentially, we expanded to serve other industries, including hospitals, Costco and nursing care facilities. Care4MyHealth’s mission is to address worker’s health problems from the bottom up, by providing affordable and effective solutions for the feet, knees, hips, back and hands for workers whose occupations require them to stand on unforgiving surfaces for extended periods of time. This includes workers in retail and grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, healthcare facilities, airlines, construction, warehouses and other service industries.

Our Mission

Care4MyHealth's mission is to provide a variety of solutions to address pain, tiredness and other related health issues that many people experience as a result of doing every day activities. We believe in providing a “FULL BODY SUPPORT SYSTEM”. Our goal with a full body support system is to create an organized and harmonized approach to address real and very common health challenges that workers face every day. By identifying and addressing these challenges, people can reduce chronic pain and other related injuries, while increasing productivity and performing their jobs more effectively. Employers also have the opportunity to create a culture of importance around employee safety.


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