Cute calluses!

Now those are 2 words you never hear together. Spring is upon us and summer is fast approaching. As with the arrival of these seasons, do the flip flops and sandals, as they emerge from our closet.  As we free our feet from the bondage of our sneakers and boots, we slip into our sandals, flats and flip flops. For most of us, this transition not only brings the joy of summer, but the pain and discomfort that comes with these shoes. So whats the solution? Give up our beloved summer flip flops, flats and sandals? Or continue to wear these beloved shoes and endure the pain that often stems from the lack of proper arch support and comfort these...

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Festival season is here!

The season of festivals and concerts is upon us! As we look forward to attending these events, one thing we all dread is the constant standing and walking included. We can all muster the strength needed to stand for long periods of time for our favorite artists, however there is usually a price to be paid for putting our bodies through this continual effort. Standing for a few hours at a time may seem not like on big deal, especially when you are distracted and having a good time. However, what happens when standing for a couple hours, turns into half a day, or a full day? The steady stress you put on your feet, knees and eventually results in discomfort,...

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We would like to give a huge thanks to for featuring care4myfeet insoles in their 2016 Christmas Gift Guide! Check out their website, to find coupons & promo codes from over 10,000 stores for this holiday season.

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New Website Launch

Welcome to our BRAND new updated care4myfeet website. Simply subscribe to receive information about our upcoming special deals and discounts.  

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